Omakase 5: Bullet Dance

This month was a return to form. Ever since Rain Project, I've always had this urge to make a true boss battler, combining platforming and bullet »

Omakase 4: Jopper

For October's game I collabed with the great Jynnie Tang!! Which basically means we came up with an idea late night over juice and decided "hey »

Omakase 3: Diplomacy

"Diplomacy" is a rather infamous game among board game enthusiasts -- It's an experience known to destroy the deepest friendships and create mistrust that can brew »

Omakase 2: Suwapond

With this month's Omakase game, I wanted to take a super simple game idea, and working on polishing the feel of the core mechanic -- not »

Omakase 1: Ropeman

Every month, I'm going to build a game. Each one will be small, and in each game I'm going to focus deeply on a single aspect »