Hi, I'm Kevin! I'm a third-year undergraduate at MIT. Currently, I am on a gap year, and am working as a researcher at Cross Labs investigating open-endedness, multi-agent worlds, and AI-powered generative design.

In the past, I spent time at Sizigi, where I built an AI-powered anime artist. Before that, I worked on generative models at Autodesk Research and was on the reinforcement learning team at OpenAI.

I love building games, and I've released a few onto Steam: RAIN Project and Iwate Mountain Dance. I'm currently hard at work with a crack team building Skyseeker, a Pokemon-inspired metroidvania where every enemy is catchable. From a research perspective, I am especially interested in the psychology behind what makes games engaging. I am also a fan of procedural generation, and how AI/evolution/open-endedness can help us build virtual worlds from the ground up.

If you're interested in AI, games, or anything in between, feel free to shoot me an email! hi (at) kvfrans.com