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Powderworld: A Platform for Understanding Generalization via Rich Task Distributions
Kevin Frans, Phillip Isola
ICLR 2023, Top-25%
Paper Website Github

CLIPDraw: Exploring Text-to-Drawing Synthesis through Language-Image Encoders
Kevin Frans, Lisa Soros, Olaf Witkowski
NeurIPS 2022
Paper Website Colab

AI Charades: Language Models as Interactive Game Environments
Kevin Frans
IEEE CoG 2021

Population-Based Evolution Optimizes a Meta-Learning Objective
Kevin Frans, Olaf Witkowski
Arxiv 2021

Unsupervised Image to Sequence Translation with Canvas-Drawer Networks
Kevin Frans, Chin-Yi Cheng
Arxiv 2018

Meta Learning Shared Hierarchies
Kevin Frans, Jonathan Ho, Xi Chen, Pieter Abbeel, John Schulman
ICLR 2018
Paper Website Github

Outline Colorization through Tandem Adversarial Networks
Kevin Frans
Arxiv 2017